I will teach you how to sell.

Sales training for individuals, managers, and entrepreneurs. The concrete skills you need to sell yourself, pitch an idea, or make your number.

Hi, I'm Eric Janssen

Every year I teach hundreds of entrepreneurs, consultants, engineers, new graduates and even professionals like doctors and lawyers how to sell. Not all of them want to be in "sales", but they've all realized that their ability to make more money, get promoted, or have more flexibility in their professional life comes down to their ability to generate revenue.

Why didn’t I learn this earlier?
Not long ago I was in the trenches (sometimes literally) closing deals with the best music festivals in the world, logging 100,000+ air miles a year, and managing a global sales team. I did eventually figure out how to sell the right way, but it was a long and winding road full of trial-and-error.

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“Getting the first sale is something we’d never been taught in school. You taught me that you don’t need your product or website to be in its final form before pitching your idea. Every job is about selling, whether it’s a product or selling myself to my co-workers.”

Safia Charania